About Us

We're about focus, passion, execution, and a great experience for our consumer. We love what we do, we do it well and it shows. But what truly sets us apart is our vision is our attitude challenges us to take risks others in the industry won't take, and forces us to think everyday about how we can help our restaurants in every level of the business.

The result is a portfolio of great concepts that consumers love. Each of our breakthrough brands is unique in its own right. We combine braggable food with a healthy twist to create fresh, innovative concepts in environments that resonate with consumers.

KAFCO Philosophy

Leverage of a Portfolio Company from recruiting to real estate, and from purchasing to marketing, KAFCO Brands achieves a significant advantage in the marketplace by using the leverage among its' multiple brands in order to strengthen each of those brands. This leverage provides unique opportunities and is the most compelling reason for a true portfolio company. Skilled and Seasoned Management from the top of the organization and with every KAFCO Brands, our company is becoming known across the Middle East for people with vision, energy, professionalism, and talent-and that is just the beginning of our success. We are also building a management team known for focus and discipline, at a time when the marketplace demands nothing less. Breakthrough Brands Our brands are compelling in every way-tasty, healthy food in an enjoyable and inviting atmosphere. From our food to our people to our experience, KAFCO Brands is raising the bar every day as we reinvent the restaurant industry.

  • Address:
    1st Floor,Ajmal Buildng,
    Block -1, Qasima 299,
    Ardiya Industrial Area